Walking Macedonia day 7 (Oct. 2013)

Walking Macedonia day 7 (Oct. 2013)

Needed to walk back to D. Disan to find 2 bottles of the original wine we drank and bring them home with us.

All day in the vineyards

The cold wind comes. We find shelter in a shake on the side of the road. The wind cut right through the sleeping bag.



Walking Macedonia Day 6, part 2 (Oct. 2013)

Walking Macedonia Day 6, part 2 (Oct. 2013)

We watched the cloud cover the mountain and us.

waiting for our ride

Invited in to the shack to eat with the tractor guards. They all thought it was a ‘wtf’ moment to have Americans walking through Konopishte.

Two pistles displayed on the wall.

Found ┬áPepi’s restaurant near the bus station in Kavadarci and took a rest day


Walking Macedonia, Day 6 (Oct 2013)

Walking Macedonia, Day 6 (Oct 2013)

crossroads to Kavadarci

Heard wolves howling in the middle of the night.

There is a mammal that comes out at night that I have heard through out the Balkans. We call it the ‘night squirrel’. It seemed to complain about the wolf this evening.

A man and 12 dogs came out of the forest, hand out stretched and a big smile. He sat in the hay and observed our morning packing efforts. I asked him if he heard the wolf and where did he sleep last night. He just shrugged. His woolen clothes were shades of green. It rained a lot yesterday and I wondered why his clothes were dry. We now call him the ‘werewolf’.

Road walking

Konopishte new friend/tractor man picks us up in his tractor and decides that we need to get off the mountain.

Photo: Wilhelm Cortez


Walking Macedonia, Day 5 (Oct 2013)

Walking Macedonia, Day 5 (Oct 2013)

Krnjevo to 9km past Konopishte.

Distance ceased to be calculated today. We have no idea how we walked 20 plus km in what seemed like 2 hours.

Darkening all day. When we got to the crossroads it started to rain heavy. Nothing around accept an abandon farm.

We sheltered under one of the eves of a structure for a few hours. Lightning and heavy rain, we decided to cook.

We drank mass quantity of strong tea.

Photo: Wilhelm Cortez


Walking Macedonia, Day 4, part 3 (Oct 2013)

Walking Macedonia, Day 4, part 3 (Oct 2013)


In a well traveled cross road a tree with apples, golden plums and thorns grew. It looked like the fruit had been grafted on. Mythical Greek tree.

Spring would bring a totally different picture.


Walking Macedonia, Day 4, part 2 (Oct 2013)

Walking Macedonia, Day 4, part 2 (Oct 2013)

Vast ecosystem

Piles of stone once were structures.

Signs of ancient agriculture.


Walking Macedonia, Day 4, (Oct 2013)

Walking Macedonia, Day 4, (Oct 2013)

No sign of Stragovo.

Our camp. The plastic is still holding up after all the use.

South across the flat land.

Mycro stalked and flushed quail for the first time.

We met up with 2 engineers who offered us food, coffee and water at there build site. They even fed Mycro a tin of pink meat.

We found Stragovo. They are cattle people.

A bunch of grapes fell off a turning truck. Sticky fingers.

Border police buy us coffee.

Apple man is demanding. Gums are sore from eating back to back apples.


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