Feet are the vehicle

Feet are the vehicle

These are my feet tucked into booties that Granny made and sells in the market.
I can imagine dancers across the cold lands wearing their own version of Granny’s craft.

My feet have become soft. I want them to accompany me on a project. They need to be strong again to move me, carry me and inspire me.

The process begins
At the ballet barre who also works as a table as it’s side job




Movement causes form to rub together creating potential power


Life as an experiment (face and hands)

I spend so many hours of my life researching movement. Most the time it’s cosmic. I’m so deep in side out side. I am greatful for Mitko joining in on the fun.


Wasteland : Skopje claimed space project (Creative Process)

An earthquake left Skopje’s railway half collapsed. A wasteland of marble flooring and stone debris was now used as parking.

The wasteland has a flat and smooth surface if I sweep to dance on.

I love Skopje. How can I exchange ideas. Take my piece from the Skopje Ruins Project and perform it in the wasteland.

Before I went to the space I needed to carve any space I could out of my room. This is the creation and acknowledgment of counting in threes.

For more go here: globalritualtheater.weebly.com


Performing with South East Asia’s best metal band: Morggorm

Performing with South East Asia's best metal band:  Morggorm

We scored the dance moves to the music. I can’t remember set steps to timing. Even if I have been practising for 6 months.

We took old Morggorm T shirts, ripped them up and made some fashion!

I think Nikk and I were some of the only females in a sea of men at the show. When it was time for us to change, the other musicians kindly steped out of the back stage area.

We were booked for a tour with the band. After the first show there was a lot of politics going on in the scene. The tour was cancelled due to gender politics. I guess we were too much for South East Asia.


How was the location found? Over the edge

How was the location found?

Over the edge with stress?

Long walks with Mycro next to the river help.

As amazing as the river is,

It gets boring after daily walks over a 4-month period.

Vodno Mountain was ready for us to explore.

Easy access inspired us to hike it,

The first time without packing water.

We got a great view of Skopje basin.

The pine trees make a definite line

Between the leaf barring trees and ecosystems.

“Rain or shine, Mycro,” I promised, “we will hike farther in.”

Rain it was, and the rain was a curtain,

Pulling back to showcase the bright red brick ruin.

We hiked up again to find a sense of our current.

An idea of using the ruins for claimed performance space.

The only audience; trees and stone, a bit of moss and such.

This creative process; the act of finding the ruins to create in,

Completely erased all stress.

Perform or go insanely unstable.

Performance keeps my mind active in a step-by-step organic way.

It gives the mind one pointed focus.

organic-denoting a relation between elements of something such that they fit together harmoniously as necessary parts of a whole 




Skopje Runes project (movement)


The movements changed to basic, simple and in a count of threes after this film was shot. An elaborate choreography would be forgotten. The repetitive machinery is meditative.

Hair flying around works well for filling space.


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