Walking Serbia

Walking Serbia

Cane was cleaning his carpets at the small dam. I said hello to him and after he was done he asked us over for coffee.

We ate chillis and drank rakija instead.

He painted a wagon and used to have a donkey.



Walking Serbia

Walking Serbia

Climbing Trem was tiring for us all. Before we crossed Suva Planina Mycro passed out in the shadow of my backpack.


Comparison of music; Trade routes

This is “Master Musicians of Jajouka”
If you compare the two sounds you will find that they are extremely similar. The purpose of both folk songs are for ritual.

From Morocco

When you go to their website you will find this information: “Brion Gysin, William S. Burroughs, Steven Davis and other writers have connected elements of Jajouka’s musical traditions to Ancient Greek and Phoenician ceremonies.”


“The Masters’ performances feature a dancer dressed as Bou Jeloud, a Pan-like figure half goat half man. Although the character of Bou Jeloud is found all over Morocco, it takes on different form in Joujouka.

In Joujouka, Bou Jeloud gave an Attar ancestor the gift of flute music and bestowed fertility on the village every spring when he danced. The music relating to this is the Masters at their most mind-blowingly powerful”


The half man half goat being is called Bou Jeloud. There is the same being recognized through ritual in Macedonia and Bulgaria.

The music that I posted before this it’s meaning has not been confirmed.


Comparison of music; Trade routes

This is the Teskoto oro “The hard one”

Ritual: It has the components of the watcher, the shaman and the trance.

Note the ritual of meditation into trance.  The  sound and vibration is almost the same as the “Master Musicians of Jajouka”.


Could Pan be the relationship between human and goat.  Logic and kaos.  Does the music and dance unlock the knowledge of this relationship.  Pan gave the shepard the flute.  Does it help to merge with the wild goat.


Walking Serbia

Walking Serbia

Found a pit to sleep next to the first night.

On to a road that disappears. We follow what we think is a marker for a county line.

Mycro gets spooked from humans in the trail. We meet the Mountain Club of Nis. There was some work to be done on the trail.

Mycro gets stung on his butt and has a royal freak out.

We come into a small village for bread and cheese feast.

We pick up the black dog and Mycro makes a friend.

Slept under an old pear tree with a view and sunset to die for.


Photo:  Wilhelm Cortez


Nis, Serbia Sept 2013

Nis, Serbia Sept 2013

This will be the third time I have stayed in Nis.
Every time I am there I don’t want to leave.
Poppys sway with grass in May. The snow cleans cold in December.

This time fond memories of being alone with Mycro the wonder dog, sharing fish with Serbian friends and the sweet summer smell of Nis.

Mycro become Dan’s shadow bear. Hot dogs were given freely in the kitchen.

Bill had a grand performance in Sliven, Bulgaria. He met me later. A few days were spent gathering supplies and taking care of previous wants. Like taking photos of the old steam engines that we never got around to before.

Mycro and I met a pack of black wild dogs in the forest next to our place. The whole pack was black. We got surrounded and 5 four legs got yelled at.

Thoughts of Nis are bright and shiny. It’s a place that changes. It’s the seasonal change that strikes you in face. In a good way.

Dan told me that there was a recent neanderthal bone find in the near by hill. Humanoid has been living in this valley for a long time. I wondered if humans followed the large herds of auroch or some other extinct beast through the gorges that litter this area.


The following day (3), come walk with us.


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