short academic essay on Roma ‘tribe’ sub sections in Bulgaria

Categorizing the different Roma Clans by their migration period and what they crafted.  For example, one clan would be the spoon makers and another would be the colander makers.



Bulgarian woman wielding a fantastic power

I found an interesting paper written in 2005.

The author writes about women’s status and the symbology of their power in Bulgarian folktales.

Folk tales are stories of the past.  True or false, these tales could be the modern link to the pre-historical society that considered women to be “mediator between the earth and the sky”

Areas of study

The 3 main pre-historic cultures for comparative dance and ritual study:

In Bulgaria

Stara Zagora



July meet up with dance scholars from the Stara Zagora, Shumen and the Blagoevgrad Region.
Well organized tribal societies have lived in the Balkan/Bulgarian region for a long time. Painted pottery, sculpture and ritual places have been found in these regions that suggest dancing with a hip belt. Among other ‘suggestions’.
The search for foot patterns is on!
There must be some similarities in mythos, ritual and community that has been passed through 1000’s of generations. that still whispers through the Bulgarian community. For example the significance of the bear in pre-history is echoed in modern language and phrases.