Positive thinking is a self-enhanced bias


”well-being came from unrealistic views of reality.”

“Narcissistic overconfidence crosses a line, says Dr.Twenge, and taints those things improved by a skosh of confidence. Over that line, you become less concerned with the well being of others, more materialistic, and obsessed with status in addition to losing all the restraint normally preventing you from tragically overestimating your ability to manage or even survive risky situations.” –David McRaney ‘You Can Beat Your Brain’

Positive thinking is an illusion brought to you by your mind. It is a false safety net for when tragedy strikes. I have heard colleagues way to often pushing their students to ‘think positive’ when they have no concept or knowledge of the illusion they are pushing down the throats of students. Isn’t this the same as religion or politicians pushing illusions upon the masses? In my opinion, yes.

This illusion is what keeps us from giving up under trauma, abuse and tragedy. Is it possible to take on this knowledge of the mind’s illusion as an individual and stop following leader’s illusions? Can we become aware of this false reality and not let it turn us into narcissistic driven ugly humans?


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