Meditation: The brain doesn’t lie

Meditation:  The brain doesn't lie

There is nothing like meditating in a country where everyone else is meditating all around you. They wake up just like you, early in the morning, 5am. They greet the morning in silence with you. The whole country, all these humans sitting silently, mostly in private. Are they merging with a higher consciousness with you? Are they the same as me? It’s the left hemisphere that tells you you are separate from them. But you are not. They are you and you are they. You merge together to form a 3rd brain.

This morning’s merging was full of distracting mosquitoes happily buzzing my ear. It’s the hunger buzz brought by all the fresh rain. Can I merge with the mosquitoes as well? Honestly my mind had some blocks built up preventing the merging of human and mosquito mind. I felt as if I had become the buzz. Not a melting of minds but an observation. The mind tried it’s best to reach into the depths of my breath. The quiet darkness there is very comforting. Like a metronome, my mind flicked back and forth between complete bliss and anxiety caused by the mosquitoes voracious appetite.

If we look at the brain as part of the body (seems so simple), it doesn’t lie. It shows us the state that we are in. It’s like a barometer of mental weather. The tropical storms of the mind directly effect the body and the ability to complete your goals in life. By sitting quietly we can observe this gale force wind and practice compassion for ourselves. Yes, compassion for ourselves. The mind will always buzz like the mosquito. That is what it is meant to do. Can you start to bring your own truth to the front of your mind? The body as a whole system will not lie to you.



Purple for health

Purple for health

Blend for clean energy boost:
dragon fruit
lemon juice
apple juice
1 heaping tsp. spirulina


Chanterelles, blueberries and lingon berries

Great read.



Walking Serbia

Walking Serbia

The gorge is the entrance
Old growth elm tethering themselves down on the steep sides
There is a village that has no where to go but up. Asphalt paved right up to the stone apartment walls

Death and nazi treachery still could be heard on the wind. Folks tried to hide in this ecosystem only to have dogs sniff them out and bullets lay them to rest.

Grandpa remembers

We found this bridge. It looked inviting after pushing 25 K up hill all day and needing a camp site. We found one carved out way above the water line. In the morning grandpa came out of no where, from the forest above (this happens all the time here). He seemed to remember a time when the river swelled up so high it took this landing we called camp -out

The whole walk through this gorge was plagued by reminders of death by car accident. There were some points where there was a tomb stone every 10 meters.

Sleeping outside in primordial ecosystems can not be explained. It should be experienced.


Feet are the vehicle

Feet are the vehicle

These are my feet tucked into booties that Granny made and sells in the market.
I can imagine dancers across the cold lands wearing their own version of Granny’s craft.

My feet have become soft. I want them to accompany me on a project. They need to be strong again to move me, carry me and inspire me.

The process begins
At the ballet barre who also works as a table as it’s side job



Movement causes form to rub together creating potential power


Life as an experiment (face and hands)

I spend so many hours of my life researching movement. Most the time it’s cosmic. I’m so deep in side out side. I am greatful for Mitko joining in on the fun.


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