Walking Serbia

Walking Serbia

The gorge is the entrance
Old growth elm tethering themselves down on the steep sides
There is a village that has no where to go but up. Asphalt paved right up to the stone apartment walls

Death and nazi treachery still could be heard on the wind. Folks tried to hide in this ecosystem only to have dogs sniff them out and bullets lay them to rest.

Grandpa remembers

We found this bridge. It looked inviting after pushing 25 K up hill all day and needing a camp site. We found one carved out way above the water line. In the morning grandpa came out of no where, from the forest above (this happens all the time here). He seemed to remember a time when the river swelled up so high it took this landing we called camp -out

The whole walk through this gorge was plagued by reminders of death by car accident. There were some points where there was a tomb stone every 10 meters.

Sleeping outside in primordial ecosystems can not be explained. It should be experienced.



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