Balkan Ritual Costume: Hip Belts

Marks left on clay female figures shows the adornment style for that society of that time.

  • Vinca were very detailed about their ritual costumes.
  • Society lived around 6-7 thousand years ago.
  • The hip belts were normally big disks of wood, bone, stone and leather
  • They buried their dead in these decorated hip belts.
  • Hip belts were found worn naked or over an apron or fringed skirt.
  • The priestesses wore the belts/ritual costume
  • The clay sculptures were painted with ground seashell, ochre and black to color the hip belt.

Page 45-46 “The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe, 6500-3500 B.C.: Myths and Cult Images”—By Marija Gimbutas

*need to find a good copy of these figurines.  For now, you can find the photos in the library or on-line


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